Looking beautiful on your wedding day isn’t just about choosing the right wedding dress, it’s also about picking the right accessories as well. Accessories for a wedding dress range from the perfect veil to the right shoes to wear so you can dance all night while still looking stylish. In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing the perfect veil option and length to pair with your wedding dress. It’s vital that you pick the perfect wedding veil since it’s such an integral part to the wedding. The moment your soon-to-be husband lifts your veil is when you’ll soon be pronounced husband and wife, so it’s vital that the veil is just as perfect as the wedding dress.

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Find the Right Veil To Pair With Your Wedding Dress

There are many ways that you can find the perfect veil to pair with your wedding dress. A lot of factors can help you make the major decision about your veil. For example, the length of the veil, your height, and even whether or not you want to wear a veil are all factors that will help you decide what veil is the right choice for your special day. Additionally, you might be deciding whether or not you even want a veil. Did you know that about 65 percent of brides wear veils? We’re going to cover all of the different types of veils and even touch on no veils to help you decide what you’d like to pair with your wedding dress.

The Birdcage veil is a lot more retro than more traditional veils on our list. The Birdcage is short, beautiful, and it really brings a 50s vibe to your wedding dress. This non-traditional veil doesn’t even need to be taken off, that’s how short it is. If you’re shorter or you like a more retro vibe, then this option can be the most beneficial.

The Fingertip veil is extremely versatile option because it fits with a majority of wedding dress styles. This type of veil is perfect for wedding dresses that are more ornate to simpler. It’s a popular choice because of this versatility. If you’re not sure what type of veil you want, then try out the Fingertip option since it’s so unique.

The blush veil is a little different than the previous veils we have on our list and instead of being multiple layers of tulle, it’s only one. It will fold over the face as you walk down the aisle and then it’s moved back once you reach your soon-to-be husband. This veil is very simple and very common since it’s such a versatile option.

If you don’t want a very long veil, but you want one that’s obviously a veil, then the Elbow-length veil is a great choice. This veil will cover you until your elbows — just like how it sounds. It flows gently over your shoulders and can be very elegant and gorgeous without being too distracting.

No Veil
On the other hand, you can always skip the veil all together and decide to go without one. This isn’t a bad option at all, especially if you’re having a more non-traditional wedding. While we love veils, sometimes a bride wants a little something different.

The Lengths Of The Veil
Additionally, there are two different lengths to consider for a veil: the chapel and the cathedral.

This length is similar to the Cathedral length with some obvious differences. For example, a chapel veil will flow down your wedding dress, similar to the Cathedral, but without the dramatic look of it.

The Cathedral veil is one you may have seen often, especially if you’re more into a dramatic look for your wedding dress. You’ve probably seen this one in a few wedding magazines or online. This dramatic veil is obviously long and will match the length of your wedding train. If your wedding is formal and more traditional, then the cathedral option can be perfect for you.

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